Saturday, December 12, 2009

The TRHO came to visit me....

Miss Kitty's TRHO came out to Utah to see me yesterday.

It was a nice visit...I showed her around my place, and let her admire my orangeness, which was quite similar to her own orange hair tones.

She knew exactly how to rub me the right way.
Miss Kitty has trained her well.
To be perfectly candid, I probably made a fool of myself over her. I just adore tall red haired women!

Even her boots were just right for rubbing against.

I rubbed extra hard...Miss Kitty will be able to interpret the secret message that I sent via my whiskers on the TRHO's toes.

The TRHO innately understood how much I like my tail fluffed up!

There was one unfortunate moment though.

The TRHO got rather carried away...and reach down and swooped me up against her chest.
For a moment I was so surprised I let her hug me and pet me.

Blondie was watching and said she couldn't believe I would let TRHO do that.

Blondie was right. I wouldn't.

As soon as I realized what had happened, I pulled my head back far enough to look the TRHO straight in the eye with THAT look.

Miss Kitty must have also taught the TRHO a bit about cat communication. She looked at me, and slowly said "Oh kaaayyyy", and then very gently and carefully put me down.

That was a wise move on her part. I didn't have to make my point again. A few moments later I rubbed against her leg to let her know she was back in my good graces. Before many more moments had passed I was back to making figure eights around her and letting her stroke my head and back...and even to the tip of my tail.

Miss Kitty: Thanks for letting the TRHO come to see me. Someday Blondie will come and visit you at your place.

Giving people reason to travel is just part of why God made us don't you think?

Personally, I can't think of any other reason why someone would want to come here, except to see me.

Oh and Hart? He is such a scaredy cat. He came walking down the hall when she arrived, and raced off to hide under the bed.

What a putz. She has always said she thought Hart was rather handsome and sweet.

Now that she has spent time with me....well...maybe next visit Hart will come around. And if he doesn't...whatever, she will still have me to admire.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

White bellied types

Hart's belly is white. He is always trying to get a little color by laying out in the sun on the deck.
I personally think it is undignified.
I usually just walk past him and try not to look.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Who does she think she is?

There's a cat who keeps coming by our place.

She sits on the deck or on the deck railing every morning now. She and Hart got to be friends the first time she came by in the garden. Hart and she touched noses like old friends and then they strolled around the garden together.

When I came outside, she came up and touched my nose too.
I think she is awfully forward.
It made me pretty uncomfortable when she did that.
I've been stalking her ever since...'cuz I'm not sure she is who she says she is.

Bernie gave her greenies. Then he talked and talked with her, while we were stuck inside WITHOUT any greenies.

Another reason I'm not so sure I like this gal cat.

Bold as you please...staring in our window!
She doesn't look like she has missed many meals, if you know what I mean.

She rubbed on our screen.
That's pretty forward too.
Later on she camped out on the deck. I went over to give her a once over.

I had to think about all this for a bit.

Then she started rolling!
What is THAT supposed to mean?

Eventually she wandered off, and Hart and I settled down for a morning nap.
Maybe tomorrow I'll know what I should do about all this.
Yeah, that's it.
I'll think about it tomorrow.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Them's is the rules...

If it is on the bed...we get to lay on it.
That's the rules.
(Hart: Yeah...that's the rules!)
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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Good choice!

They did a good job of picking colors around here. Matched my eyes, threw in some all important orange...

Even Hart got a pillow that matched him.
There has been workers here all the time the last five months, and I've been very busy snoopervising all their tasks.
One day they even let a dog into the house.

The black beast raced into the back bedroom where Hart and I were taking our second morning nap.

Not to brag or anything...but I let that dog have it, smacked his nose, raked his behind when he turned to run from me, then jumped on his back and kept clawing.

He picked up speed, and I dropped off...chased him down the hall, into the kitchen, across the deck, through the garage and out to the curb.

Stupid dog.

Anyway, it has been nice and peaceful since all the construction work is done. Oh and there was a HUGE party here too. I got to hang out with some chicken and pork off of a lot of plates by just standing there and looking at the plates.

People are such pushovers for green eyes and orange fluffy tails.

More after our naps.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It goes...but where????

You know what? This place that we got moved to is really strange.

One day it is hot. Then it gets cold. Then there is white cold stuff everywhere.

Later on the white stuff disappears.

I don't get it.

The stuff was everywhere. Then it was just gone.

Now it is hot again. I can see a little of the white stuff up on the mountains still.

They used to be completely white, and now they are green.

Me...I'm orange all the time.
Find a color and stick with it is what I always say.

Hart really liked the white stuff. He used to run around in it even.

(Hart: That's because I've got snow boots. I blend right in with this stuff.
Orange Tiggie? Not so much. He's just jealous of my boots. They are perfect for keeping me warm in the snow!)

Thursday, May 14, 2009


My Uncle Rufus out in La Jolla is still standing his post against Iraqi cat invasions.
Are YOU still doing your part where you live???

Friday, March 27, 2009


Sister came into town, so I was showing her which boxes needed to be opened first.
Open this one Sister!
It's in my chair.

She opened it, but she did not move it, and I WANTED TO SIT IN THE CHAIR!

What's a cat to do?

It wasn't as comfy as I wanted it to be, so I tried the armrest.

But I finally got her to move the box, and I even had some un-shed-upon clothing to warm up and slime. Things are looking up.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Just when we thought things were going to be OK...

Our house is a total wreak because people are tearing it up for some reason.
I have made a point of snoopervising all these goings on.
The tearing up part isn't the worst of it though.
Hart and I overheard a conversation that has us both just about going over the edge

Apparently we live next door to a few bob cats.
There are about three regular long tail cats that hang around outside that we have seen.
This one is the black and white one. He is a big guy, and I don't want to ever tangle with him or anything, so we just stare at each other through the window.

So now in addition to having to keep an eye out for Iraqi terrorist cats, now we have to be on the watch for bob cats too.

Hart thought he saw one the other day...but it was just a grey striped cat with a long tail.
Not a bob cat.
At least not this time.

Why on earth would Bernie and Blondie buy a house in a neighborhood with bob cats????
Don't the know those things are dangerous?

Monday, February 16, 2009

And they did it to us AGAIN!

I have to admit it: While Hart and I were really used to the apartment that Blondie and Bernie moved us into last September, it was a bit small. Hart and I were starting to get on each others nerves.

Then just like that, some guys showed up with boxes and started packing the place up.

Hart kept trying to lay low, but those guys kept moving into his space.

Pretty soon there were boxes everywhere. They weren't the fun kind like the one we got for Christmas either. These boxes got ripping sounding tape slap on them so they would close and we couldn't climb and smell inside them for fun at all.

I figured I would just climb up into the tower and ignore them until they went away.

Whenever I would jump down for moment, Hart would hop up and hunker down.
It is really not a big enough tower for the two of us like our old tower.

(Hart: Well, there would be enough room if some orange person wasn't so big.)

When the packing guys grabbed the tower Hart hung on the the bottom of it with all his might, and let out a huge meow. I joined in with him; we meowed with all our heart, which of course was just broken at this point.

All the furniture was gone AND our cat tower.

Where would we perch now?

OH the horror!

Next thing we knew, out came those dratted carrying things. We were plopped into the back seat of the car, and away we went, Hart crying miserably, and me just being a stoic as a brave faithful orange cat should be.

Bernie got us out of the car and carried us to a door of a new place.
He said this was our new and LAST home.

He let us out in a room with a big window door.


We like it!

Oh yeah..this is something to look at.

Hart and I decided right away we were going to be very happy here watching birds and squirrels on the soft comfy bed.

There was a lot more to explore as it turned out.
It is a really cool place.
We like it!