Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Just call me Lee...Harper Lee....

Blondie has started putting out meal worms for the mockingbirds that have nested in the tree in front of our house.

She's made two trips to the pet store to buy more worms just in the last two days.

Now the birds are screaming all the time for more worms.

Blondie says the bird's chee-t, chee-t, chee-t and chee-chee-chee sounds are driving her nuts.

I told her if she would just let me out, I could take care of the birds, and then she could spend the money she saved on buying ME more Greenie.


Monday, April 28, 2008

Our Truce after yesterday's post.

Honestly, that Hart is such a girl.
He screams like a Sally whenever we have a dust up, even though I don't even hurt him at all.
Consequently I always get yelled at to leave Hart alone when really he is the one who starts all the fights around here.

After our last brawl, Bernie took both of us aside and we got a little "Come to Jesus" talk about our behaviour.

Hart and I both promised to stop fighting and to be good friends and buddies from now on.

We promised to share and share alike.

So things are back to normal around here now.

All we really needed was some nap time to settle our nerves.
I personally feel much more peaceful and relaxed after our snooze.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Still the King of the Tower

He started it.

I finished it.

'Nuff said.

(click HERE to see.)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Life in the fast lane

It's been a little crazy around here lately.

Right after Easter we had a lady come stay with us who was from a place called Sweden.

She was great.

She told us she loves cats and has a couple of her own. She would even brush Hart and me without being asked.

And she didn't mind us sitting by her knee at the dinner table or next to her on the couch.

She even got down on the floor to pull string for us.

Hart and I could come and go into the guest room all we wanted while she was here and no one got the least bit upset.

(Hart and I used to not be allowed in the guest room, but since the Redhaired Girl came, we've just sort of made ourselves at home in that room too, and she doesn't mind us being in there with her at all.)

We even jump up on the bed when she is sleeping now and walk all over her and she thinks it is neat.

Right after the Swedish girl left, all those black boxes on wheels came out and everyone disappeared for a week.

That was fine with us too. Hart and I took a lot of naps. Uncle Scott came and fed us and brushed us and played with us every day. Uncle Scott leaves us a gift basket with new toys each time he takes care of us.

So that was pretty good.

Hart and I purred when Bernie and Blondie and the Red Haired Girl came back. Everything was hunky dory. The first night they were back I personally curled up on the bed between Bernie and Blondie and purred all night long.

Then things got weird.
Two days after they got back I heard Blondie talking.

She said words like "allergic to cats" and "get ready for Gail."

I had no idea what a "Gail" was, but the "allergic to cats" didn't sound good.

Blondie spent the next two days vacuuming every inch of the house.
She kept saying stuff like "You stupid cats, why can't you keep your fur to yourselves?"
She would show us the vacuum cleaner cylinder all full of cat fur. "Your fur is everywhere!" she yelled.

Isn't that the dumbest thing you have ever heard of?
Of course our fur is everywhere.

We live here. Whose else's fur would be here?

Hart and I figured out pretty quickly that it was best to just stay out of her way.

When "Gail" arrived, we rushed right up to rub against her leg.

Get this: Instead of petting us, or pulling a string or brushing us like the Swedish girl did, the "Gail" person said "Stay away from me please, little kitty."

Little kitty????

Obviously she doesn't understand cat proportions. I am hardly little. Actually I am a rather large mancat. Naturally I decided I needed to get closer to her so she could recognize this.

Blondie started grabbing Hart and me and tossing us outside.

Thankfully Blondie left with "Gail" a lot. Hart and I were really disturbed by this odd lady.

We hunched up in our cat tree and tried not to shed.

(Hart: I tried to be friends with Gail too. She didn't want to pet me either.)
The second day "Gail" was here I started to sneeze.

I walked into the bathroom and opened a few drawers and things like I always do when we have guest over, just to check out what they brought, and I noticed a few blackish grey hairs on the floor that looked just like Gail's hair.
Sneezed like crazy I did.


I think I am allergic to Gails.
No wonder Blondie tried to keep her away from me.
Gail seemed like a nice lady, but if her sheds make cats sneeze....