Sunday, March 23, 2008

They said it was called "Easter"

It got pretty busy around here last weekend. The Orange haired person was in the kitchen making stuff; later I was offered a taste of what they called "Paska."

It was OK; I'd rather have chicken or Greenies.

The next day everyone left for a bit, then came back and went outside into the garden.

I always like it when they do that, because usually they will play stick with me.

I really got the stick big time in this shot!

Bernie played a trick on me: He acted like he was going to play stick...

Then he reached down like he was going to pet me...
Then he RUINED everything by picking me up.

I hate being picked up. I start talking right away....

When I stick my tongue out, that is my last warning.

Yeah, your hands hurt alright. Just be glad it was just your hand.
That tie of yours could have been shredded.

Hart as usual just kept to himself. He doesn't even try to play stick.

He says he doesn't want to get his white socks dirty. Pfffp.

Then it happened.

We both saw it....

Hart even got up.

That damn squirrel was BACK!

I knew I should have kept an eye on that tree! He came down while I was just taking a break, just for a little while.

Blondie said it was the Easter Squirrel.

I think she is nuts.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Greenie Day!

The people around here say today is the day to be wearing o' the green.
Something to do with being Irish.
I told them I was a TEXAS orange cat, and maybe even an Irish Orangeman, but they put this collar on me anyway.

Hart does better with this kind of nonsense.
He even made his eyes glow green.

He said "Kiss me I'm Irish!" so I gave his neck a slurp.

Now what I want to know is: WHEN DO WE GET OUR GREENIES????

Sunday, March 16, 2008

I treed a squirrel!!!!

It was THIS tree!

I was on this side, and he ran up the other side.

You see, I was out in the garden, just minding my whiskers when SUDDENLY there was a huge sassy squirrel standing in front of me. He was just ASKING for it, swishing his tail and staring at me with his black beady eyes. I leaped right at him and he started to run like crazy.
I did my fastest charge and chased him RIGHT UP THIS TREE!

Yup, he went right up high into the branches.

I had him treed. No way he can get away now.

Stupid squirrel. No escape is possible.

I've been keeping an eye on the tree trunk since Thursday.

He can't leave without going by me.

He must be pretty high up in the tree...I don't really see him up there, but I know he has to be there.

Where else could he be? You know what they say...what goes up must come down.

Hart: Oh for crying out loud.

Bernie: Hart, just let him keep thinking he treed the squirrel. He doesn't need to know about how squirrels go from tree to tree.

Hart: Oh for crying out loud....
Whenever that squirrel comes down, I'll be ready.
That squirrel is toast.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Doors: What are they good for?

Absolutely nothing, if you are a cat.
Well, maybe they are good to rub your whiskers against.
But other than that?

What were the people thinking?

Lots of bloggers posted pictures of their "favorite" doors today. Weird, huh.

I thought I'd post my video showing how I think it should be with doors.

You can see it by clicking HERE

Sheesh. All I wanted was for the door to be left OPEN!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Tiggie tips continue.

When planning window treatments for french doors and transome window, it is important, if you have a lovely view, to enhance such view, rather than have the window treatment block or compete with the view.

Or better, just chose your drapery to compliment your cat.

A cat enhances any view.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Learning Japanese Update.

That Adan!

First he wears a bow tie, so I think he is boy.
Then he wears a kimono so I think maybe Adan is a girl.
I started getting a little confused.

And part of Adan blog is in funny writing, and without my glasses on, I thought it was Japanese.
Turns out it he writes in Chinese.
I guess I should start wearing my glasses when I am reading blogs online.

Boy am I embarrassed.
Turns out Adan is a Japanese kimono wearing Chinese boy cat.

I don't think I should think too hard about this. My fur is curly enough as it is.
I shall instead spend some time thinking about chasing squirrels and eating greenies.

Everything is perfect now.

Except now I'm hungry for Chinese food.
Anyone want to order me some?
Lucky Adan. I'll bet he gets Chinese food EVERY day!