Monday, February 16, 2009

And they did it to us AGAIN!

I have to admit it: While Hart and I were really used to the apartment that Blondie and Bernie moved us into last September, it was a bit small. Hart and I were starting to get on each others nerves.

Then just like that, some guys showed up with boxes and started packing the place up.

Hart kept trying to lay low, but those guys kept moving into his space.

Pretty soon there were boxes everywhere. They weren't the fun kind like the one we got for Christmas either. These boxes got ripping sounding tape slap on them so they would close and we couldn't climb and smell inside them for fun at all.

I figured I would just climb up into the tower and ignore them until they went away.

Whenever I would jump down for moment, Hart would hop up and hunker down.
It is really not a big enough tower for the two of us like our old tower.

(Hart: Well, there would be enough room if some orange person wasn't so big.)

When the packing guys grabbed the tower Hart hung on the the bottom of it with all his might, and let out a huge meow. I joined in with him; we meowed with all our heart, which of course was just broken at this point.

All the furniture was gone AND our cat tower.

Where would we perch now?

OH the horror!

Next thing we knew, out came those dratted carrying things. We were plopped into the back seat of the car, and away we went, Hart crying miserably, and me just being a stoic as a brave faithful orange cat should be.

Bernie got us out of the car and carried us to a door of a new place.
He said this was our new and LAST home.

He let us out in a room with a big window door.


We like it!

Oh yeah..this is something to look at.

Hart and I decided right away we were going to be very happy here watching birds and squirrels on the soft comfy bed.

There was a lot more to explore as it turned out.
It is a really cool place.
We like it!