Thursday, September 16, 2010

Got through the surgery.

I did wind up having surgery last Thursday. Two vets said that removing the cancerous salivary gland would cure my situation.

It better.

After the three teeth removal, and then the ear polyp removals, I am done with surgery.

This is how I looked a few days before surgery.

I was checking out all the new flowers in the back yard.

This one was pretty. It was orange.

I think orange is the best color for flowers.

But gray is a nice color sometimes too. Not for flowers, but for other cats, like my buddy Hart and my old friend Mac.

We both have the same color eyes. Blondie keeps saying that she really likes that about us.

Since the operation I pretty much have been keeping to myself.

As you can see...the surgery was pretty messy. My mane was shaved off, and a band of fur on my ankle too. Then there is the cut. I can't see it, but everyone keeps saying it looks awful. I just hope the fur grows back before it gets too cold around here.

At least I am getting extra greenie every day.

And now I get to go anywhere I want to go too.
Even the guest room.
Blondie said so.
And Bernie agreed.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Not so good.

Sorry I've been neglecting my blog fellow felines. Its just that I've been having some medical issues lately. First my ears were driving me nuts, so Bernie took me to see the vet. The vet said I had a yeast infection in my ears, a very rare thing for a cat to have. Bernie was told to put drops in my ears a couple times a day for six weeks.
Yish. It was awful.
When my ears didn't seem to be getting any better, back to the vets we went.
The vet looked at my mouth and announced I had an abscessed lower fang, and it would have to come out.
Turned out that three lower teeth were abscesses. Yeah, my mouth had been bothering me a bit, but I didn't want to complain.
My ears were checked out, and it turned out not to be a yeast infection (all those wrestling sessions with Bernie for nothing...) but polyps that had blocked the ear canal.
So now Bernie had to put some horrid tasting antibiotics in my mouth twice a day and some other kind of ear drops.
I started to hide a lot, but Bernie found me each morning and medicated me.
It was hard to forgive him, but usually I was over it by the afternoon.
My mouth really did feel a whole lot better. It was so worth it to have those teeth out!
But meds didn't seem to be helping with the left ear. Worse...there was now a pea sized lump aside my throat.
Back to the doctor. He said the polyps would have to come out to let the medicine get in and work. The lump was likely just a lymph gland swollen due to the ear infection.
He would do a biopsy when he was removing the polyps.
The ear thing was done last Tuesday, it was no big deal. The bandage was a bit of drag, but it came off soon enough.
I was swallowing a lot, and occasionally gagging when I came home though.
Four days later, last Friday, the lab report came back.
I have salivary gland cancer.

Please purr for me if you think about it.

Bernie and Blondie have already paid a lot for the teeth and ear, and they both say they don't want me to have pain or suffering.
Some cats have their salivary gland removed and they live for another year and a half.
I'm twelve now...maybe thirteen. When I lived with thirty other cats the guy lost track of how old I was.
Its been a really good life with Bernie and Blondie.
Right now they are waiting to talk to the doc to see what he thinks could be done.
I'll let you know what happens, OK?

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I think I'll just stay here...

Oh, I guess I'll take a nap, maybe bat the bizzy ball around.
You go ahead and enjoy your ski day.
I'll be here when you get back.
Have fun!
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Saturday, December 12, 2009

The TRHO came to visit me....

Miss Kitty's TRHO came out to Utah to see me yesterday.

It was a nice visit...I showed her around my place, and let her admire my orangeness, which was quite similar to her own orange hair tones.

She knew exactly how to rub me the right way.
Miss Kitty has trained her well.
To be perfectly candid, I probably made a fool of myself over her. I just adore tall red haired women!

Even her boots were just right for rubbing against.

I rubbed extra hard...Miss Kitty will be able to interpret the secret message that I sent via my whiskers on the TRHO's toes.

The TRHO innately understood how much I like my tail fluffed up!

There was one unfortunate moment though.

The TRHO got rather carried away...and reach down and swooped me up against her chest.
For a moment I was so surprised I let her hug me and pet me.

Blondie was watching and said she couldn't believe I would let TRHO do that.

Blondie was right. I wouldn't.

As soon as I realized what had happened, I pulled my head back far enough to look the TRHO straight in the eye with THAT look.

Miss Kitty must have also taught the TRHO a bit about cat communication. She looked at me, and slowly said "Oh kaaayyyy", and then very gently and carefully put me down.

That was a wise move on her part. I didn't have to make my point again. A few moments later I rubbed against her leg to let her know she was back in my good graces. Before many more moments had passed I was back to making figure eights around her and letting her stroke my head and back...and even to the tip of my tail.

Miss Kitty: Thanks for letting the TRHO come to see me. Someday Blondie will come and visit you at your place.

Giving people reason to travel is just part of why God made us don't you think?

Personally, I can't think of any other reason why someone would want to come here, except to see me.

Oh and Hart? He is such a scaredy cat. He came walking down the hall when she arrived, and raced off to hide under the bed.

What a putz. She has always said she thought Hart was rather handsome and sweet.

Now that she has spent time with me....well...maybe next visit Hart will come around. And if he doesn't...whatever, she will still have me to admire.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

White bellied types

Hart's belly is white. He is always trying to get a little color by laying out in the sun on the deck.
I personally think it is undignified.
I usually just walk past him and try not to look.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Who does she think she is?

There's a cat who keeps coming by our place.

She sits on the deck or on the deck railing every morning now. She and Hart got to be friends the first time she came by in the garden. Hart and she touched noses like old friends and then they strolled around the garden together.

When I came outside, she came up and touched my nose too.
I think she is awfully forward.
It made me pretty uncomfortable when she did that.
I've been stalking her ever since...'cuz I'm not sure she is who she says she is.

Bernie gave her greenies. Then he talked and talked with her, while we were stuck inside WITHOUT any greenies.

Another reason I'm not so sure I like this gal cat.

Bold as you please...staring in our window!
She doesn't look like she has missed many meals, if you know what I mean.

She rubbed on our screen.
That's pretty forward too.
Later on she camped out on the deck. I went over to give her a once over.

I had to think about all this for a bit.

Then she started rolling!
What is THAT supposed to mean?

Eventually she wandered off, and Hart and I settled down for a morning nap.
Maybe tomorrow I'll know what I should do about all this.
Yeah, that's it.
I'll think about it tomorrow.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Them's is the rules...

If it is on the bed...we get to lay on it.
That's the rules.
(Hart: Yeah...that's the rules!)
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