Sunday, December 28, 2008

We are owed royalties

Grandma Lady sent us this pillow.
Do the cats on the pillow look familiar to you?

Yeah, we thought so too. Dead ringers for us.
We want to know who used our likeness without paying us.

Hart says the pillow says "cats make purrfect friends"
That is so true.

I've notice that my image is also on a tote bag that Blondie carries all the time.

Maybe they are getting the moolah for our pictures.
You'd think that if they were, they could do better than this for a Christmas present:

Yup, they gave us a cardboard box for Christmas.

Just one box.

They told us we would have to share, that the box was biodegradable and good for the environment.

Yeah, yada yada yada...

THIS is what they SHOULD have gotten us!

A heated kitty sill!

And get a load of this: the sill heater has DUAL thermostats!
Hart could set his side to one temperature, and I being slightly more foofy, could set my side to a lower temperature.
It says it is easy to assemble, no tools required.
If we can ever figure out who owes us for the use of our likeness, we are definitely going to get ourselves one of these things.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Grandma is THE BEST!

Grandma Lady makes me presents...knitted snakes!

They have cat nip inside, and crinkly stuff and sometimes even bells.

She has sent me several over the years, and I have kept them all. A good snake is worth killing over and over again.
You can see me killing this one here!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuxie Tuesday

Tigs said I could have a Tuxie Tuesday post on his blog once I could show him that I was getting better at posing.

I'm still not too comfortable around a camera though.
The flash always seems to hurts my eyes.

But Mom said the green on the duvet cover matched my eyes perfectly, so I should at least try to look up at the camera and she would take the pictures without using a flash.
I still don't totally trust her though.
Sometimes after she says that, the flash still goes off.

I probably shouldn't say this, but the duvet cover?
It is totally mine now.
Tiggie has to go sleep somewhere else during the day.
I curl up in the duvet and sleep nestled in, all cozy and warm, especially on days when Bernie and Mom are just too busy to make up the bed.

I hate it when they are busy and gone, but at least when they are, then they leave the bed especially nice for me.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Oh yeah...this is the life!

I am finding that this lap sitting thing is becoming a very addicting habit.
I now even take my baths while sitting on Bernie's lap.

I avoid Blondie's lap though. She fidgets constantly. There is no way I could ever get comfortable on her.

I want to point out that even though I was the first to discover Bernie's lap, I was quick to share my find with my little buddy Hart.
Of course I always get the comfy cozy lap part for myself.
Hart seems OK with making do with Bernie's legs.
I know those legs are kind of bony and hard, but hey, that's the breaks.
What can I say?
Bernie only has one lap.
And I am HIS Faithful Orange Cat.
So of course his lap part is always going to belong to just me.
(PS: You can see in the first picture that Hart was on patrol while I took my bath. All was well with the Iraqi cat situation, so we were both able to take a little R&R lap sitting in before making our next rounds to secure our perimeters. Semper Fi!)

Friday, November 7, 2008

I'll admit it...

I never thought it would happen.
I was so adamant about the subject before.
Look, don't touch was my rule for people.

But now....well, my standards have changed.
Yeah, it is true.
I've converted.
Just call me Tiggie, the Faithful Orange Lapsitting Cat.
Have lap, will purr.
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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Patrollin' and Posin'

Hart and I are still keeping a watch here.

Hart checks out what is going on "out there" hiding behind a column.

Pretty smart huh?

No one down below can see us that way.

Blondie came out to find out what we were up to.

I told her I was just enjoying the fresh air, and listening to the birds sing.

As soon as she went back inside, I took my post and stuck my head out over the edge to check on the perimeter.

Then I snuck over to the front of the balcony and checked out below there.

Everything was Iraqi cats, no dogs, not nothing except a few cars parked in the sunshine.

Speaking of sunshine...I always like to practice my shadow making when it is a bright sunny day.

See how long I look, and how my ears make neat little triangles?

Every move makes a new kind of shadow shape.

Don't I have a great profile?
I usually don't like to talk about my artistic side...but not to brag....I do know how to pose for a picture.
The trick is to hold the pose long enough for Blondie or Bernie to notice and grab the camera.
But it is worth the effort when the results are so very good.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

We Love Our Bernie

When Bernie naps....

We nap.

When Bernie talks to us...

We usually quickly lose interest.
(Unless there is food involved. That's why we were looking at him in the first place. Turns out he wasn't going to share what was in the bowl.)

Hart has claimed this pillow as "his" nap pillow.

I got dibs on the orange blanket.
'Cuz orange is best, naturally.

Friday, October 3, 2008

The Highs and the Lows

I guess I need to get everyone caught up on what's been going on here. Apparently we are now in a place called "Salt Lake City, Utah."

I don't see salt, or lake, but I am seeing a lot of city.

No Persian Iraqi cats though, thank heaven. I've been keeping a sharp lookout, just in case one comes by.

This little lookout space sure was a surprise.

We used to have a perfectly good garden on the ground, now we have just a few plants here way up in the sky. No anoles, no darn squirrels, no raccoons, no possums.

I kind of miss the possums....

I'm still hunting though. Caught this big old green katydid munching on Bernie's bonsai. I killed it, and then brought it inside right away.

Bernie and Blondie were right in the middle of their dinner, so I thought I should bring something to share.

Bernie was really proud of me.

I really don't like how katydid heads taste. So I left that part, thinking maybe Blondie would enjoy it for dessert.

She said she thought that was thoughtful of me, but gross.
Go figure.

The BIG news is that Bernie got Hart and me a new cat tree! Whoo HOO!

I knew if we hung in there, he would keep his word and get us one.
(Get it? I'm "hanging in there"?)

It even has a feather dangle so I can keep up with my bird hunting skills.

And a place to hide and think, or take a nap.

I find I never can get enough naps actually. The same day we got the cat tree, we also got this napping box. I hopped into it and felt sleepy right away.

Colorful place to nap, no?

Of course the real reason I needed a cat tree was so I could also keep secretly keep watch for any Persian Iraqi invasion from the window.
I'm telling is a big job, but no Persian is going to sneak up on any of us here.
Not on my watch!
Keeping guard is a huge responsibility. And frankly, the enormity of it is getting to me. I have to confess: I've developed a pretty serious toilet tissue eating habit. I used to just take a nibble every now and then from the roll that was hanging on the wall.

I'm sure every cat has at one time or another had a toilet roll unwinding session or two. It seemed fun and harmless. But then the next thing I knew, I was climbing into the cupboard and hitting the rolls even before they were hung up.

I'd start eating...and eating...and eating....

And of course that would lead to other more messy activities on the carpet.

Blondie says she will up my daily Greenies fix if I promise to cut back on the toilet paper habit.

I'm trying to. Seriously I am. It's been three days and 15 hours since my last TP fix.

And I am attending Toilet Paper Anonymous meetings.

The first thing they had me do is to admit that I had a problem.

So here it goes:

Hello, my name is Tiggie and I'm addicted to toilet paper.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

We're in a new location....

We're sprung! Bernie came on day 11 of captivity and shoved us both into the carriers.

He was moving really fast....the Iraqi cats must have found out where we were.

(I saw this on the door as we left....)

Hmm...this must be what it is like for those poor women in the Middle east who have to wear burqua with face veils. Can't see for beans though.
(Hart: I hate this. I hate this. I hate this.)

Next thing we knew were in a completely different place.
NO furniture anywhere!

Hart and I checked everything out.

Very, very weird.

Bernie sat on the floor and held Hart.
I had to keep looking around to be sure we were really safe.

Oh can you believe this?

We are waaaayyyyy up in the air. Higher than I've even ever climbed up a tree.

Hart and I looked over the edge. There were a lot of cars down below us.

What happened?

Why are we here?

Bernie put out our toys. Like who would want to play at a time like this?

Then Bernie LEFT US again!

I scratched and scratched at the door, but he was just gone.

We watched the moon come up across the way.

I decided the safest thing would be for me to find the best place to keep guard.
This place worked really good.

Bernie and Blondie came back to see us the next day, and then furniture came. Hart staked out a pillow for his own.

I'm stay up here though. I come down for meals and litter trips. And to sleep on the bed. It is so good that Bernie and Blondie are sleeping here with us. Hart and I curl up together right by Bernie's feet, and we purr all night long.

I think things are going to be OK...Bernie and Blondie said we missed a Hurricane storm in Houston, and that our house is OK.
What I don't understand is why we aren't living there anymore.
I guess we just aren't and that is that.
So I'm making the best of it, and doing my part to watch out for Iraqi cats.
Just so you know what they look like: Here a picture.
I think they look really mean, don't you?
I think it is because they have smashed in noses.
They must not be able to breath very good.