Sunday, December 28, 2008

We are owed royalties

Grandma Lady sent us this pillow.
Do the cats on the pillow look familiar to you?

Yeah, we thought so too. Dead ringers for us.
We want to know who used our likeness without paying us.

Hart says the pillow says "cats make purrfect friends"
That is so true.

I've notice that my image is also on a tote bag that Blondie carries all the time.

Maybe they are getting the moolah for our pictures.
You'd think that if they were, they could do better than this for a Christmas present:

Yup, they gave us a cardboard box for Christmas.

Just one box.

They told us we would have to share, that the box was biodegradable and good for the environment.

Yeah, yada yada yada...

THIS is what they SHOULD have gotten us!

A heated kitty sill!

And get a load of this: the sill heater has DUAL thermostats!
Hart could set his side to one temperature, and I being slightly more foofy, could set my side to a lower temperature.
It says it is easy to assemble, no tools required.
If we can ever figure out who owes us for the use of our likeness, we are definitely going to get ourselves one of these things.


Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

You better get paid the big bucks for that. Do you have a lawyer yet?


Spooky said...

I definitely think you should pursue this. Big bucks means more treats...Greenies! papers for green treats...that'll work.

Everycat said...

Follow what Goldie says, you guys definately need to lawyer up fast. Once this case of missing royalties is settled you can buy your own heated cat sill and the humans can have that single, good for the environment box!

Happy New Year to you all!

Whicky Wuudler

Anonymous said...

Well, to make matters even worse I was given a lap throw for Christmas that had pitures of cats woven into it. Lo and behold there were two pictures, one of you Tiggie and one of Hart! You are getting famous even without the big bucks. Oh well, now everyone is getting to see 'your cuteness' and that should amount for something. Love you two sweethearts....your Grandma Lady

CJ said...

They should be paying you! But TAG!! Come play Picture Tag over on Tiria's blog!

Miss Kitty, NFC said...

I hope you get the big bucks soon....that dual controlled thing looks very cushy and just right for a cat or two!

Miss Kitty

Kimo and Sabi said...

Cool pillow! Happy New Year 2009!