Monday, April 28, 2008

Our Truce after yesterday's post.

Honestly, that Hart is such a girl.
He screams like a Sally whenever we have a dust up, even though I don't even hurt him at all.
Consequently I always get yelled at to leave Hart alone when really he is the one who starts all the fights around here.

After our last brawl, Bernie took both of us aside and we got a little "Come to Jesus" talk about our behaviour.

Hart and I both promised to stop fighting and to be good friends and buddies from now on.

We promised to share and share alike.

So things are back to normal around here now.

All we really needed was some nap time to settle our nerves.
I personally feel much more peaceful and relaxed after our snooze.


meemsnyc said...

That's nice that you called a truce!

Spooky said...

For cryin' out loud! I was snoozing happily in my safe little spot under the bed when Treater's bustin'-out-loud laughter woke me up. Of course, I had to check things out, and here I find her laughing at you boys and your silly behavior. Grow up!

This was the second time she woke me from my nap this morning...silly thing. She was pulling the curtains open and knocked down the entire curtain rod! Sheesh.

Let's see if the third time really is a charm. If you need me...tough! I'm taking a nap.

Daisy said...

The expressions on your faces during your "talkin' to" is too funny!

Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

That's nice that you guys kissed and made up!

Keep your claws in Tiggie!

Parker said...

It's nice to meet you guys!
Truce's are always the best idea!

A Lady said...

Tigs, you are such a brat! Get your paws out of Hart's face!!! How rude! Truce indeed!

The Crew said...

I think you guys would have been fine if you weren't provoked!