Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Good choice!

They did a good job of picking colors around here. Matched my eyes, threw in some all important orange...

Even Hart got a pillow that matched him.
There has been workers here all the time the last five months, and I've been very busy snoopervising all their tasks.
One day they even let a dog into the house.

The black beast raced into the back bedroom where Hart and I were taking our second morning nap.

Not to brag or anything...but I let that dog have it, smacked his nose, raked his behind when he turned to run from me, then jumped on his back and kept clawing.

He picked up speed, and I dropped off...chased him down the hall, into the kitchen, across the deck, through the garage and out to the curb.

Stupid dog.

Anyway, it has been nice and peaceful since all the construction work is done. Oh and there was a HUGE party here too. I got to hang out with some chicken and pork off of a lot of plates by just standing there and looking at the plates.

People are such pushovers for green eyes and orange fluffy tails.

More after our naps.


1 comment:

Miss Kitty, NFC said...

You are so brave! Great work with that dog...not very smart creatures are they? Tee hee.

You are both looking very rested and relaxed in the photos. I love your choice of sitting places. After all, they only put things on the bed so we can sit on them...why else would they do that?

Miss Kitty