Friday, August 15, 2008

Whoa, what was in that stinky goodness?

Hart and I are getting wet food now...we love it. There are all kinds of delicious flavors!
Yesterday though, I dunno, it was just sort of different.

My head was spinning, and I missed when I tried to jump up on the bed.

The floor looked funny. I beat up Hart because he looked funny too.

He went up on a pile of clothes. It was like a technicolor dream...

So strange...Blondie had all her clothes out and she was stuffing them into a big bag.

We crashed all night, and in the morning everything was back to normal.
Actually BETTER than normal...the Swedish girl came over and gave us double love.

Ahh, Janitha know just where to give a good rub.
I think she is the best.

Other than all that, and a big thunderstorm, everything is pretty same old, same old.
Looking forward to seeing what the weekend will bring.
All for now...
Tiggie, your Faithful Orange Cat.


Nomi said...

Hi Tiggs, have you been on the nip?

Janitha said...

Hope I can come and rub your back soon again Tiggie... Miss ya!

Spooky said...

Hmm...sounds to me as if someone spiked your food!

Treater told me that you are gonna have a big adventure and see exciting new things, and that it might not all be good. Tell us about it soon, please!