Friday, October 3, 2008

The Highs and the Lows

I guess I need to get everyone caught up on what's been going on here. Apparently we are now in a place called "Salt Lake City, Utah."

I don't see salt, or lake, but I am seeing a lot of city.

No Persian Iraqi cats though, thank heaven. I've been keeping a sharp lookout, just in case one comes by.

This little lookout space sure was a surprise.

We used to have a perfectly good garden on the ground, now we have just a few plants here way up in the sky. No anoles, no darn squirrels, no raccoons, no possums.

I kind of miss the possums....

I'm still hunting though. Caught this big old green katydid munching on Bernie's bonsai. I killed it, and then brought it inside right away.

Bernie and Blondie were right in the middle of their dinner, so I thought I should bring something to share.

Bernie was really proud of me.

I really don't like how katydid heads taste. So I left that part, thinking maybe Blondie would enjoy it for dessert.

She said she thought that was thoughtful of me, but gross.
Go figure.

The BIG news is that Bernie got Hart and me a new cat tree! Whoo HOO!

I knew if we hung in there, he would keep his word and get us one.
(Get it? I'm "hanging in there"?)

It even has a feather dangle so I can keep up with my bird hunting skills.

And a place to hide and think, or take a nap.

I find I never can get enough naps actually. The same day we got the cat tree, we also got this napping box. I hopped into it and felt sleepy right away.

Colorful place to nap, no?

Of course the real reason I needed a cat tree was so I could also keep secretly keep watch for any Persian Iraqi invasion from the window.
I'm telling is a big job, but no Persian is going to sneak up on any of us here.
Not on my watch!
Keeping guard is a huge responsibility. And frankly, the enormity of it is getting to me. I have to confess: I've developed a pretty serious toilet tissue eating habit. I used to just take a nibble every now and then from the roll that was hanging on the wall.

I'm sure every cat has at one time or another had a toilet roll unwinding session or two. It seemed fun and harmless. But then the next thing I knew, I was climbing into the cupboard and hitting the rolls even before they were hung up.

I'd start eating...and eating...and eating....

And of course that would lead to other more messy activities on the carpet.

Blondie says she will up my daily Greenies fix if I promise to cut back on the toilet paper habit.

I'm trying to. Seriously I am. It's been three days and 15 hours since my last TP fix.

And I am attending Toilet Paper Anonymous meetings.

The first thing they had me do is to admit that I had a problem.

So here it goes:

Hello, my name is Tiggie and I'm addicted to toilet paper.


goldenshade said...

Quite the series of events. Congrats on your new napping digs and the tree! Impressive.

Nice kill, sorry the taste was sub par.

I don't really know what to say about the TP issue. Call your sponsor if you need to. I am a TP shredder when a point needs to be made. I have never ingested it. Does it taste like foam? I am partial to foam.

Purrs, your orange pal,

Janitha said...

Turbo just wanted to tell you that he cought a katydid as well the other night. He didn't save anything for me....

Spooky said...

Toilet paper, huh? I've shredded and unrolled a bit, but I've never tried eating it. I have been known to eat fake plants before. That didn't stay down too well.

I'm glad you have that cat tree. You sure don't wanna lose your excellent tree-climbing abilities!

Oh, by the way, sneak me your address and I'll overnight a few anoles to ya. Shhh...don't tell Blondie and Treater!

Miss Kitty, NFC said...

Hello Tiggie and Hart! Where's Mr. Tux? Today is he going to post for us?

Tiggie, you are as handsome as ever, and keeping a close watch on everything...good for you. Your new tree looks quite comfortable and good for climbing. I am jealous; I do not have a tree like that inside the house. Only the avocado tree outside.

We have one of those katydid bugs in our garden. The Red Headed One saw it last week, and it is still there, eating one of the plumeria leaves, ever so slowly. TRHO says at least he is sticking to the same leaf for his chomping. She tried to entice me to look at him, but I am not interested in bugs.

Keep up the good work.

PS: Maybe you need a new header photo now that you are in another Hart what he thinks about that. He's so quiet, I bet he's good at arty kinds of things.

Gandalf and Grayson said...

We are happy to report that we have not seen any sign of a Persian Iraqi invasion on this side of the country. We are also happy to report that we do not have a TP problem. Whew. We are most pleased to report that we both caught some Rude Lizards Sunday and Grayson even eated his after he deaded it.

running wildly said...

Tiggie, I am laughing out loud. Laughing and laughing.
Thanks for your comment on my blog. I"ll have you know that Kitty has commented after you and seems to be in agreement that I should post more about her.

It also seems I am the only human that has commented here. Hmmmm. Perhaps I should set both my cats, Kitty & Mocha up with a profile. Interesting.

And for the record, my cats both own and manage their own security company. Securicat. It seems you, Tiggie have much experience in the ways of security. Perhaps you should send us off a resume and we'll see if the company can branch of to SLC. We're aiming for full globalization. But of course, I'd have to get the cats approval.

The Crew said...

You did a great job with that bug!!

Do you think your TP Anonymous group is accepting new members? I've been told I have a bit of a problem in that area, although I really think I can quit any time I want to.

Max S