Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It comes...it goes...but where????

You know what? This place that we got moved to is really strange.

One day it is hot. Then it gets cold. Then there is white cold stuff everywhere.

Later on the white stuff disappears.

I don't get it.

The stuff was everywhere. Then it was just gone.

Now it is hot again. I can see a little of the white stuff up on the mountains still.

They used to be completely white, and now they are green.

Me...I'm orange all the time.
Find a color and stick with it is what I always say.

Hart really liked the white stuff. He used to run around in it even.

(Hart: That's because I've got snow boots. I blend right in with this stuff.
Orange Tiggie? Not so much. He's just jealous of my boots. They are perfect for keeping me warm in the snow!)


Vee said...

Tiggie, you are a beautiful orange. I can see why the blond lady wanted you...

My kitty's name is Fioré. Not quite as wonderful as Cassandra, but not as mundane as "Kitty."

Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

Was this white stuff recently???? Wow! We thought we had it bad with a snow storm last month.

I actually love the snow, Tiggie, you should have tried it! That why we have long toe fur!!!!

Purrs Goldie

La Tea Dah said...

Thank you, Tiggie, for commenting on Bucky's quilted pose. He is learning the fine art of posing, although sometimes it takes much patience from his best human friend! I'm so glad you visited today!

LaTeaDah and Bucky

Anonymous said...

What a great post. I have some kitties that would love to converse with you if I can ever get them on the computer. You are very articulate for a cat and have a great sense of humor. Keep up the good work...it's purrfect.
BB from Ga.

Miss Kitty, NFC said...

I like Hart's boots! They look quite similar to mine. That Hart has great taste.

Tiggie, maybe you should get some white boots too. You would look quite handsome in them.

Miss Kitty