Thursday, May 22, 2008

Listen to the birdies sing....

I saw Hart loafing on the bench outside yesterday. He looked like someone had let the air out of him.

He is a great hunter, but pretty lax on keeping up with his outside snoopervising duties.

Hart is way too involved in baby bird catching. It just about wears him out racing up and leaping to the bird feeder, then running when Bernie knocks on the window and yells.

Baby birds are too easy; they sit near us and look at us like they don't know what we are. They learn though...

I personally caught a Carolina wren and brought it in to show Bernie. He was ticked off, and took the bird away from me. The dumb wren now sits on the patio chair and smirks at us.

I wasn't going to hurt it or anything,; I just wanted to show Bernie that I could catch a bird if I wanted to.

I got going on my rounds..,..everything was just fine. The raccoons had stopped by and left some trash behind, but that isn't my problem.

I am allowed to hunt snakes though. Inside snakes. Ones that are knitted by Grandma, and have 'nip and crinkles and bells inside.
Man can those things fight.
I have to re-kill them every day.

Another Tiggie-Snake trophy shot.

It is a lot of work killing snakes. I always work up a bit of sweat, and my fur gets all tangled. A nice long bath followed by a good nap makes for the perfect end to a successful hunt.


goldenshade said...

I envy you your garden patrols. I am still house bound. I can hear the baby birds outside in the cedar tree, damn!

I need one of those house snakes to wrangle. Do they bite?


Spooky said...

Sounds like a great day, Tiggie. I wonder what it would be like for me if I figured out a way to get outside?

Goldie's right...we all need one of those house snakes.

Spooky said...

Tiggie, I just found out that today is HUGS day!

So, my dear furrend, here's to you:


meemsnyc said...

You caught a wren! Wow!!

Miss Kitty, NFC said...

Yes, humans just don't understand the cat-bird eternal warfare do they! Sigh. But at least you have inside snakes to attack.

Please give Hart my best regards too...

Hugs to both of you.

Miss Kitty