Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Notes on napping

I think I should give my fellow cats some tips on napping.
Most cats instinctively know how to nap; but with a little thought and pre-planning you can move your napping experience from good to great.

First of all, consider your background. You want to look good while you nap. The people are less likely to try to move you when you are picturesque.
I occasionally take a nap on top of the oak roll top desk for instance.
It is out of the way, and my fur blends well with the oak tones and the texture of the desk top as well.

See what I mean?

Artlessly allow a bit of yourself to hang over the edge of the napping area. Spread out.
Own the napping area.

Once your body has found its niche, lay your head down on top of your mitts.

(I'm in Texas; we don't have Super Tuesday voting here today, but if I did vote, I'd vote for Mitt. He sounds like a good cat....try saying his name outloud. Mitt Romney...any cat can easily pronounce that. The other people have names that just aren't cat friendly.)

A glass paper weight is a great design element. Doesn't it look as though it has captured my dreams?
Now my little buddy Hart doesn't understand this nap setting decision making process at all.
He tends to just leap up to the top deck of the inside cat tree and zonk he is out cold.

He is a grey tuxedo cat you see; he thinks he is classy just because he is always in a tux. Right now he is also pretty proud of having a Valentine pink nose.

You see, the most important thing about taking a nap is being comfortable.
In this picture Hart is comfortable, but I am not.

Now this is better for me.

I can snooze, and also occasionally look outside and enjoy the view.

There is a lot more space in this area if I spread out on the diagonal.
I wrapped Hart's tail around my back knees to keep them warm as well.
This is a perfect position for a long afternoon nap.
I am now one very contented cat.

(Hart: How does this keep happening to me????)


Vicki said...

Looks to me like Hart was using you to keep warm, Tigs.

Spooky said...

Tiggie Dear, you appear to be a Master Napper. You look very nice on that oak rolltop.

I have a couple of fav spots in which to nap - either beneath the wingback chair or on top of the back of the sofa. If I'm feeling especially perturbed or threatened, then I get under the bed in the very center.

Miss Kitty, NFC said...

My Dear Tiggie - you are quite a handsome fellow!

What a sense of humor you have. The Red Headed One burst out laughing more than once reading about your napping techniques. She thinks Mr. Hart is an extremely patient and long-suffering kitty. She says he has a very kind face, even when he is asleep.

Spooky and I want to know if you and Hart are going to get with the program and invite us to the tea...and wear top hats. Both of you would look quite handsome in a top hat. Hart is already dressed in a tuxedo, so a top hat is a natural for him. And your lovely orange fur makes a lovely contrast to a top hat; you would be quite distinguished looking, and a little rogue-ish at the same time!

Tiggie FOC said...

Hart and I are planning on a Valentine Day treat with Miss Spooky and Miss Kitty.

Top hats are not out of the question. I'm just would rather wear a Stetson.

Hart says top hats look good on everybody, so I will consider. Prehaps in a buff shade.

goldenshade said...

Love the napping tips! You should become a Mancat motivational speaker...or unmotivational speaker as the case may be. I will try some new moves today as more snow has arrived and I feel the need to hibernate.

I am with you on the top hat business. Right now they would be lucky to get me into a tuque, lady cat or not.


The Ginger Darlings said...

Very elegant professor of napping. We often find that draws are good places, or in the bed, though best to leave a bit sticking out of you don't want to be sat on.

Spooky said...

Oh, Tiggie! I've had such a horrible day! I'm perfectly mortified.

However, I think a special Valentine's Day with you and Hart and Miss Kitty would make me feel much better! I think you both would look quite handsome in your top-hats. Miss Kitty and I will wear our very best little hats (mine will have a feather or two for a little extra entertainment!).

michico*Adan said...

HAHAHAHAHA~~~~~Hart!!! Wowww.... hangon~!!! Hahahaha

Kaz's Cats said...

Hey Tiggie, you are certainly a master napper. You look really great on top of that roll-top desk - it's an excellent napping accessory, especially for a kitty with your great colouring. Nice artistic touch to let yourself hang over the edge a little, and yes, we agree that the glass paperweight is a great design touch. Your buddy Hart is cerainly a handsome tuxie - he seems to be very easy-going to boot. His pink nose looks really good against his grey and white furs.

It really nice of you two to share your perch like that - we especially like Hart keeping your knees warm with his tail.

Purrs & headbutts

Gypsy & Tasha

Miss Kitty, NFC said...

Dear Tiggie and Hart: Just stopping by to wish you both a very Happy Valentine's Day!

Love, Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty, NFC said...

Hi Tiggie, how are things in Texas today?

My Valetine's Day was a sleep and snuggle day cause it was raining in the morning. The sun did come out later and I went outdoors and looked around, but then I came back in again.

How come you never let Hart say anything on your blog? Is he the strong silent type? I'm sure he must have some words of wisdom....why don't you invite him to do a guest blog for you?

Of course, YOU are the best blogger of all! No question of that.

Love from Miss Kitty

Poppy Q said...

Oh I enjoyed those pictures of you two trying to get comfortable for your nap.

I hope you get some warm sunshine through the window soon.

Anonymous said...

Haha Tiggie wow I don't think I would ever curl up with my "Hart" throb in that position on our bed. You ARE brave!