Saturday, January 26, 2008


Spooky has apparently gotten herself into a game called a Meme, which she said is a "tag" but I'm not seeing where the chasing part happens.

I'm supposed to share some unimportant things about myself. I think she and the other cats who played need to *never again* speak of something related to themselves as unimportant.

EVERYTHING about any cat is important. Especially if you are orange. Whistle sent the meme "tag" to Spooky, and Whistle is orange like me, so naturally I was a little surprised.

But since I hold a soft spot in my heart for Spooky and her baby blues, here's the rules to this game and my list:

Link to the animal that tagged you
Post the rules on your blog
Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself
Tag six animals and at the end of your post, link to their blogs
Let each person animal know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog

My list:
1. I had a brother named Brownie. We grew up together at Paul's house, with 20 other cats. I just heard recently that Brownie went to heaven. Don't know any details, but I think it is a shame.

2. I have one black whisker which Blondie calls my "wish" whisker. She is tends to be a bit over the top. I've never had to wish for anything, so I'm not going to say she is wrong though.

3. I can snag stuff with either paw. Sometimes I'm left pawed, other times right. Just depends on which is closer to what I am reaching for.

4. The fur on my belly is curly. In fact all my under coat fur is curly which makes my fur look ragged at time when the air is really dry. Big deal. Another reason to brush me frequently.

5. I caught a squirrel once. I let the bugger go. Catch and release is my motto. Why mess with squirrel when a tasty can of cat food can be had much easier?

6. I have a secret passion for possums. I can't help myself, I just start purring and acting all goofy like when I see one. It is embarrassing. I probably shouldn't bring it up, but Blondie already blogged about it so I might as well own up to it. It is just the way it is.

I tag Tobee and Rufus and Meowsie. Rufus and Meowsie can tell me in an email and I'll share it on my blog.


Spooky said...

Tiggie, thanks for playing tag. You're one's doing any chasing. In fact, I'm eyeing Napper's lap right now, but I'm still not sure about that ice pack on his shoulder.

That's sad about Brownie. Was he brown or was he orange like you?

Kaz's Cats said...

G'day Tiggie, we saw your link over at Miss Kitty's blog and just had to come and visit another orange kitty. We're sorry that your brother Brownie went to heaven. How about you catching a squirrel - we're very impressed - we don't have squirrels down here, but they look like fun when we see them on TV.

Purrs & headbutts

Gypsy & Tasha

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Hi Tiggie, I don't think we effur met yoo afore. Well, yoor a furry handsome guy...sorry to hear yoor brofur went to da rainbow bridge.

Derby said...

Hi Tigge, here is to another orange kittie.

We have a group, The Gorgeous Gingers, just for us. You can join if you want.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Hi Tiggie! Nice to meet you. We're sorry about your brother. My woofie cousin is sick and we're hoping he doesn't go to the Bridge, he is only 3.
I am very impressed you caught a squirrel. Since my rescue 3+ years ago, I've been indoor only. Mommy feeds the birdies and squirrels tho so I at least get to dream about catching them...

Chancy, Ernie's Voice & Jake said...

Hi Tiggie, it's so nice to meet you. Please stop by anytime.
We can see you are special.

Hugs~chancy, Ernie's Voice & Jake

Mr. Tigger said...

Hi Tiggie, we are very pleased to meet you! We saw your Link at the Cat Blogosphere and Zippy and Sadie said you were cool! So sorry about your brother Brownie. We loved learning new stuff about you. Have a great day!
Mr. Tigger and Samantha

Donny and Marie and Casey said...

Hi Tiggie, it's pawesome to meet ya!

~Donny, Marie, Casey

goldenshade said...

Hello there! We came over to check out your blog. We heard you were a very handsome mancat. Of course you are, all of us floofy gingers have that allure. Love your sense of humour, you call it as you see it.


Otis, Indee and Tobee too!! said...

Now don't go holding it against me since I only saw about the game now. I've been running in circles trying to stay warm up north.
I'll get to this first thing next week after I've had some of grammies super biscuits.